Over 50 years of game fun!
Gamestate means fun. In fact, lots and lots of fun. Fun is at the forefront of this unique game center. Gamestate is entertainment with a capital E. An epic setting. Magical. With a magnetic effect on young and old. At Gamestate up to a hundred games reach out to catch the attention of players. From brand new to old skool Mario Kart and good old air hockey. Playing means #WNNR!
Playing means winning. The reward: eternal fame and tickets that are exchangeable for great prizes. Anyone who enters is a winner. Those who exit even more.


1955 Grandpa Veltmeijer is employed as a vending machine operator in Rotterdam.
1957 Grandpa resigns and starts for himself. 'Veltmeijer Automaten' is born.
1959 'Veltmeijer Automaten' moved to Sittard and generally operates Juke Boxes, Pinball machines, Football and Pool tables.
1966 Ad Veltmeijer, together with his brother Rob Veltmeijer and brother-in-law Zef Philippen joins his father's company.
1989 The Berlin wall falls! Entertainment is allowed again in Eastern Europe. A foreign adventure in Prague and Budapest is a hit!
1994 Alrecrea is acquired and thus all the entertainment centers at Center Parcs.
2007 Alrecrea introduces the ticket system in The Netherlands. Gaming is now even more fun! With 40 locations the Veltmeijer Group is the largest game center operator in Western Europe.
2013 First Gamestate opens in Kerkrade directed by Roel Veltmeijer and Roger Tube.
Time to celebrate? Birthday or business?
Come to Gamestate! You know for sure it will be fun! Invite your friends and the game is on! Everyone gets their own Playcard with TIMEPLAY and can completely indulge at Gamestate.
Having a birthday? At the end of the day/evening, the birthday boy or girl may choose a free gift worth 1200 points in our gift shop! Cranes and coin pushers are excluded.

Come play at Gamestate
& be a


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